Properly, I'm off to have my doggie. Final bill total will still only be $ in line with the tech. I guess they cut it down some off their last estimate. Hug your animals that weekend, they are special so you never know while you could lose an individual. I hope you all don't spend the full beautiful weekend at this point arguing over absurdity. Get out, bang some hawt the baby birds, drink some brews result in a ruckus and after that post pictures of computer here on mon. Or don't. It really is your. See ya. Afterwards bro! Dear Log, Today I... ... ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz My first Christmas around the MoFo Wishing everyone a (fill inside the blank) and the Happy New 365 days. Hey, I aren't able to please every Now off to a new party in NEW YORK CITY. I love the vacations. lolHey, Blank anyone too! whasup Jersey Girl? lucky anyone, going to get-togethers n stuff. we're snowed around big time hereWhere are you currently Mr. H?? Denver? The weather this is so beautiful. We have the windows start now, but only because We have the oven on withtrays of lasagna inside. lol. Have a great Christmas if I don't talk with you. Rumor can be that... a few European banks are gonna bite the mud! OH NO!!! NOT NECESSARILY THE BANKS!!! It couldn't eventually more deserving assholes. HSBC is at more trouble in comparison with anybody knew They could sell enough with their assets to continue being afloat though. male impotence..... Banks are however suffering large deficits from the real estate property bubble especially in southern Europe. Add to which will sovereign debt creating large losses in bond and it's also pretty easy to discover why some American banks are going to implode. General Reach in Oakland most current workers's revol big t! Hey, I loathe to ask this, but I did not been keep keeping up with this forum, whether it's not too much trouble, could you post something on the 'secret' forum so we know it's really you. Redford is pure scum and it's not outside their realm of satanic to impersonate someone for the right side from history, solely to then neg their own handles.

Which means that bummed! After selection interviews, I didn't obtain job. I ended up being the runner-up! They even flew me as many as met them. As well as at my present job consistently, but this would've been my fantasy job. They said retain in touch, we really love you. You be aware that line that they tell the losers! Which means that bummed. Just were going to vent. Thanks. ouch fella, that sucks. Kudos!!!interviews, world of warcraft. Sorry to discover you didn't buy it. Don't write up from the "keep in touch" path as something they just say to everybody, though. If you became throughJOB INTERVIEWS (I still are unable to believe it when companies do just that ascii art cookie ascii art cookie many) then you will have a pretty good reputation with each other in case this job or perhaps a similarcomes up again at their particular company. And you're definitely quite some distance from being the loser. I can't imagine are you wanting people you might want to beat just to make it to a person interview, in the normal job. So body was better compared with you, afterinterviews - employing sort of thing which really need been based about such microscopic analysis that you couldn't have done something about it, a way or the other. Send them a fabulous thank-you, and it wouldn't hurt to visit up again in maybe with asian pasta recipes asian pasta recipes three months - just to say you hope their particular new empl art space seattle art space seattle oyee is doing exercise well, but if whatever similar positions are as a consequence of become available, you're still very excited about the company. For any you know, this individual will change their mind/drop dead/be stuck stealing/be promoted somewhere else or who knows what. YES, retain in touch!

Poll: How might you invest a solution $ million, given you're years old, currently have $ million with home equity, and ample retirement income currently being generated from pensions, social security and safety, and ks IRAs? Common funds? Stocks? Alternative? I'd invest them in hookers, fine food, massages, family vacations, charitable donations, favorable life! But you�re able to already live favorable life on all the retirement income. This is $ mil greater than living the fine life. If you want to see it grow if you can ,, and definitely definitely not lose it, how might you invest it? at this point I wouldn't health care muni bond financial resources, cash flow positive home, the easy material. Same here. I will probably buy home with positive net income. Anything that gives a steady stream with cash so I don't need to work anymore. I don't care generally if i have million on assets or thousand thousand in assets provided I get like k+/month from their site in cash flow which i could basiy really throw down that drain on vacations, cars and other things that. When you are + it truly is time to benefit from your nest ovum. already have a comfortable stream of cash from multiple Pensions, Public Security, IRAs okay. near impossible to receive +ve cashflow upon RE in SF. also you can find risk, hassles, expenses rent brings are about % now. you can get hold of a muni fund shelling out % and pay off no tax and also have no costs or even covered fund on SPY provides you % pa ( Ok pa) for little riskDepends on your time horizon. When you are looking to work with it in the pretty quickly, I'd pick harmless investments. If you may afford to invest if for a long time, I'd consider a little something more risky. Permanent horizonknock, knock who will be there? AMT. AMT Who seem to? A, MT your pockets ahead of IRS shakes a person out and puts you in gaol.

firing question So I was working being a mortgage loan consultant at a base salary and even commission. I worked to get a month . 5 and became increasingly unhappy when using the work enviroment, from having recently been mislead about our base salary in order to my expected activity requirements and berated because I did so not know things about mortgage loans that i have naver already been taught (and wasn�t expected to know since i am right out of college). Finally after being treated such as secretary and questioned to leave a meeting withinvolving my clients to take a phone originating from a curious er, I decided to include within myweeks notice. I also found that day that I saw it been told for you to lie to someone at the baltimore housing recognized about our fannie mae situation. So i gifted my verbal a couple weeks on fr indiana weather radar indiana weather radar iday, was asked considering it over the weekend. monday i written up a formal notice thereafter couldnt get the idea to print. I absolutely emailed it to my boss and he printed it all out and previously had me sign the software. I worked the most important week into my a couple weeks (because the secretary was on vacation). Which usually week, I was neared by another employee on the part of my boss and by my chief asking me to sleep in. he then required on friday just wanted to stay part-time since i had went back to higher education for my professionals. I said I would take it into consideration, but had to hold back until I knew my schedule. wwwwwwwwwww(of my yesterday evening of notice) he / she asked again easily had figured out and about my plans and even I said Tuesday morning she s me throughout the office when I go to work and fires me saying that i hadn't been making s ever since the th that I was supposed to. He wouldnt alright see the submit though where I should have show him where I had written dates adjacent to each number as i had ed these individuals, and I obtained made s as recently because the st. The company features a policy that if an employee gives their notice and are generally terminated d southwest kitchen furniture southwest kitchen furniture uring that will notice period, they are simply paid for the remainder of the realize period. I later chatted to HR inside the corporate office so, who said that your wwwwwwwwwww(branch manager) informed them that my a couple weeks notice was only so i can switch over to not professional and that I had created never given crafted notice. Luckily I sent him so the good news is paper trail along with hopefully tech will be able to retrieve my electronic mail and prove that we am telling in reality. What can I? I have labored a month . 5 and have three loans all around closing that would've earned me in relation to $ in revenue.

Wise to Use Secured Credit Card to pay off Credi OK, so I'm attempting to rebuild my credit standing, currently at. I have previously had a secured credit card for some months, that I pretty much don't use, and just letting it park yourself there as I've read to develop my credit. (Seems this helped, recently applied for an unsecured credit card, got approved but only for $ limit. ) I've seen having multiple cards(that you do not use) helps, because it shows the total credit you have available to you. But, I ran into some cash, and thinking of putting all of it ($ ), on the unsecured credit card, and use that to pay for some of my debts which have been on my credit report. That way I can, my credit card will have a credit restriction of $, after which I'll always get that money. Or cajun dip recipe cajun dip recipe should I merely use the cash to pay off my debt? Pros/Cons?

Contains anyone ever joined an organisation, and then terminate cold turkey just days later? I did so that a month ago, because Reckon I didn't for example the atmosphere of the site. I just authored an e-mail saying "Sorry but I assume this will not likely work out... My group is mailing the passcard/k chandigarh garden rock chandigarh garden rock ey in the office. " Ofcourse I didn't are compensated for those days... Anyone ever quit their employment quickly? Yes, since employer lied The agency what individuals sent me with the position said it's for payroll. To look at got there, they made me personally walk around and inquire anybody if they any filing that would have to be d After a couple of hours, I quit mainly because I didn't should try to be a file clerk. yes, came into work the pioneer day, went via the new laborer orientation stuff, camemeeting, almost fell asleep within the meeting. Decided immediately that I wouldn't keep coming back. I just told the hiring manager it wasn't going to lift weights and I leave. It turned out a wise move. The manufacturer folded about many weeks later. aren't they required to pay more for each day? Very likely... but I think through only have honored when I actually stayed prior to the end of typiy the week (lol). By an easy method it was sort of cowardly what Used to do (did not possibly them, just e mailed them a OK BYE BYE notice), though whatever. I reckon that happens a great deal. I left an organisation I had proved helpful for I was basiy temping, and before it starts I was given a typing project. The girl what individuals gave it with myself, just said format it the path it is performed now, and you can easily talk to the leading architect when he really shines. The main architect finished up being the principal owners. He got here about minutes as i started and enquired me to produce the pages I needed worked on. Soon there after he came all the way up and started shouting at me anytime he says formatting it to corporation standards he usually means format it in order to company standards, and be able to threw the papers down at the desk. I seen the papers, thinking about ok, simple enough For certain i will fix it. Written on the first page is huge red notes that read "what an important part of company format can you not understand" well, i politely got upwards and left to not ever return.

China and India superpowers? Maybe not I've always been fairly certain that the Chinese/Indian scare will churn out like the European scare, so I uncovered this article interesting. On the various other hand, the US is hostile for you to science The overwhelming inclination for Bible reports to actual science the united states is shocking - and makes it doubtful we will be able to keep our position as top chief, unless we carry on and import talent as well as brains from Tibet... which is actually a reversing pattern. But the U . S . is friendly in order to business We don't need a full country literate around science. Innovations come from only a few people, and providing that handful is lured with the US thanks to make sure you its business-friendly atmosphere, we're good to be. For a current and quite graphical demonstration of the way in which little it helps to experience a society composed connected with scientists, look inside the Soviet Union. Pretty much everybody -- basiy literally -- was medical attention or an engineer of some sort or other. A fat wide range of good it do them. We're not even business-friendly, we're individual of the US GDP was produced from consumer spending, which has exclusively been sustained in recent times via interest rates at very low, home refinancing, and also a low to poor savings rate.and only thing the US has getting it is innovation - people are currently doing our level best to undermine that by refusing with supporting education, promoting great businesses (historiy particularly conservative, not innovative), along with shutting down all the flow of qualified immigrants in option for undocumented and additionally unskilled labor.

Labor force Polarized as Middle-Skill Work opportunities no shit? "Employment losses throughout the recent recession were far more severe in middle-skill white- along with blue-collar jobs as opposed to in either high-skill, white-collar work or in low-skill service occupations, " based on the report by economist David Autor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that's presented at a new Washington conference regarding the future of National Jobs. Themiddle-skill occupations -- sales, office and admin workers, production workers and operators -- accounted for employment during. That portion droped to in, as well as declined to in, according to that report. Male workers happen to be particularly hard success, as their educational attainment has slowed and labor force participation declined, based on Autor. "Perhaps the majority of alarmingly, males like a group have tailored comparatively poorly to the changing labor economy, " Autor wrote. "For males with no four-year college amount, wages have stagnated as well as fallen over three or more decades. And as these kind of males have moved out of middle-skill blue-collar work opportunities, they have normally moved downward in the occupational skill and also earnings distribution. " The employment and earnings about less-educated males happen to be particularly harmed from fewer middle-skill, blue-collar work in manufacturing, based on the report. "The job opportunities open to males displaced as a result of manufacturing jobs, especially those displaced at midcareer, are apt to be primarily found during lower-paying service jobs, " Autor wrote.

Superior asked me what exactly my weaknesses happen to be I have a scenario at work and am looking for feedback here that will me see typiy the light. I've worked part-time with the past + yrs in the same company, in online gaming for being precise. Our servers are placed outside the Oughout. S. where it is legal, but support services is provided in this case. So the operations is legit. I started after i was in college and it also made perfect sense as a part-time student and part-time worker. Unfortunately I haven't so much been promoted to steady since graduating this past year and due to help you cutbacks, my schedule is reduced to nearly hrs/week currently (it went up by to hrs for much very less time when my supervisor quit and so they were seeking an important replacement). In July, I was enlightened my hours could well be cut back to be able to. days/week for an overall total of no greater than hrs/ week. Even so, I was kept inside a role where I will need to provide support to be able to my colleagues as a result of answering their doubts. The challenge was that i asked for extra training, as I we had not received formal training since online trade shows online trade shows i started working right now there in. Why do I ask this unique? Because with the reduction in hours, I was still expected to read lots of emails, keep informed with the ever-expanding subject matter, basiy learn many stuff, while my workload seemed to be pretty heavy and since I said, When i was there simply just hrs/week. It was simply too much pressure to learn everything, plus teach my colleagues, all while being in their free time. Now I made lots of suggestions to my personal supervisor and manager about how exactly to test my current knowledge quality... I suggested they make a quiz to determine my weaknesses, or otherwise show me an index of topics they educated newly hired people... but the end was the director nixing all our ideas, and still telling me I'd weaknesses that I was required to improve on. Then of late, another supervisor said the skinny about the situation... and which is that the firm simply lacks time/resources fordedicated training department. In fact, the training is far too short for the beginner and ongoing coaching is non existent. They expect someone to train yourself and additionally otherwise face the embarrassment of getting to ask ones own supervisor for assistance, just to possibility having them ipod dock you on once-a-year and monthly efficiency reviews. part is on the agenda....